What we do

Our conservation efforts include the following: Sparrow reintroduction, lake conservation, herb restoration/native species plantation, creating urban eco responsibility, composting, setting up bio diversity parks in schools, animal care, youth camps and mass awareness through media.

Green Gramam

EFI's holistic village development program which involves large scale sensitization and environment volunteering efforts is Green Gramam. Through this project EFI is adopting villages across India and converting them into eco hubs. The project involves steps necessary to make the village a eco friendly neighborhood where all life forms live harmony. Ranging from water body restoration, green bags to botanical parks Green Gramam will be executed through volunteers from the village. EFI's Green Gramam will build green societies.

Waste Not

Our cities are generating enormous quantities of waste every given day, with no appropriate waste management system in place our landfills are increasing in size and so are our problems. Environment is the first victim ultimately affecting human beings. Through our waste management program Waste Not EFI aims at sensitizing people and segregating their waste. Post segregation the waste shall be recycled and ensured that landfill does not have your contribution. Help us help you manage your waste.

Sparrow Reintroduction

Long gone are the days when our mornings started with the chirping of sparrows in the crisp morning wind. Our mobile towers and concrete complexes have ensured that these sparrows have vanished. With EFI you can recreate the magic and still wake up to the sounds of these birds. We only need to rebuild the bio-habitat and welcome these flying marvels to our schools, homes and societies. With very minimal investment of time and man power we can gain returns that soar sky high. Literally.

Lake Conservation
http://efifenceit.wordpress.com/ EFI organizes and executes effective lake cleanup programs in India. Under this program the organization adopts a beach, lake or any water body on a voluntary basis. The water body or beach with its periphery are cleaned, strengthened & restored to its original capacity & beauty. The cleaning process involves a massive removal of physical garbage from the premises. This is followed by scientific lab testing of the water samples repeatedly to check the contaminants and pollutant levels. Post scientific study, the lake bed is de-silted and the silt is deposited on the bunds and a major bund strengthening program follows soon. The leveled bund is now planted with native species saplings which offer extra support to the bund. A small wetland is created towards one corner of the lake to filter out the incoming waste. These wetlands act as the substrate filters, plants like water hyacinths are grown under supervision in this part of the lake alone to ensure filtration. For the beaches repeated nature walks and awareness drives are organized to ensure cleaner environments. If you are worried about a beach, lake, pond or river in your neighborhood, we together can restore the lake to its true natural beauty.

Planting native species varieties around these lakes and other water bodies will help attract a lot of birds and other variety of airborne creatures. These native species are important to strengthen the regional bio diversity, regulate water table and help many other organisms to survive. Every school, apartment complex or residential society can plant herbs or native Indian saplings. This will help in restoring a lost biodiversity. By planting these saplings and herbs we will make way for several other insects, animals, birds and others to follow suit. For a healthy green living for all life forms, it becomes vital to establish these bio spots.

To educate people about the significance of the wild animals in captive and share interesting information about the animals. To also control the public misbehavior through awareness campaigns. Each volunteer chooses an animal of his/her choice. He or she learns specific points about the animal and talks to the visiting public in the zoo. The zoo volunteers eventually start studying the animal’s behavior and make valuable observations. The volunteer will not indulge in any arguments but will only ensure a safe haven for the resident animals. Become an Ani-mal-Pal today. You can volunteer with us either at the Chennai, Hyderabad or Lucknow Zoo. NOTE: We volunteer between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm on Sundays at Chennai and Hyderabad Zoo Parks. Contact us to know more.

Urban nerve centers are huge knowledge pools with many interested eco volunteers. At the same time the eco problems in a city are also plenty. EFI's collective mission is to identify and work towards each city's concerns through conservation. We address the problems of Polythene, Stray Animal Care, Plantations and many more. If you are facing any of these challenges in your city, get back to us immediately. We will surely help you out. EFI's Paper Bags Initiative in schools and residential complexes creates awareness about making paper bags using old newspapers and using these bags in place of our day to day plastic bags. By this simple solution, we will find a better use to our old newspaper and will find a good reason to avoid POLYTHENE COVERS. These covers are detrimental to many life forms and it is time we stopped using them. If a shop near your house needs paper bags, reach out to us... Cloth Bags which are cost effective, durable and stylish are available. Replace the use and throw plastic bags in your life with our cloth bags.

Waste generated at home is our biggest challenge. EFI teaches you how to convert this waste into nourishing manure. Your herbs and saplings that you planted can be treated with these compost delicacies. From as little as kitchen waste to something as big as collection of apartment complex waste, EFI will help you in this enormous task. A very simple procedure to make you more eco friendly.

EFI is now involved in the setting up of Biodiversity parks in schools where revival of life across the taxonomy is underway. From flora to fauna these parks will house rare herbs, insects, birds and reptiles living in harmony and be the best resource for learning and conservation at the school. If you are willing to start a biodiversity park at your school write to us.

Stray animals are often exploited and taken for granted. It is a forgotten fact that even they need food and water. We focus on feeding the stray and providing medication to ensure they do not spread infection to the local community. Also our EFI ambulance will nurse ailing and injured animals in Chennai. Write to us if you are passionate about stray animal care.

We have made two documentary films named Kurma and Elixir Poisoned respectively and are working on our third film called Caught By.

EFI trains its young volunteers in Street Theater and Drama to take forward the message of conservation to a wider audience. We also organize camps at regular intervals at the British Council focusing on overall Youth Empowerment covering areas such as Photography, Filmmaking, Leaderhsip, Theater, Effective Communication and Wild Trekking.

Youth Empowerment: Through our regular camps:
1) Heat Camps (Summer camps focusing on youth empowerment by teaching them the nuances of communication and conservation)
2) Cold Camps (Winter versions of heat camps)
3) Wild Venture (10 day wildlife trek to understand wildlife filming, photography and conservation)
4) Youth Championship & Cold Shoots (one month long championship focusing on inculcating social entrepreneurship and conservation in youngsters)

If you have a project idea and are looking for a platform to execute it, contact us. If your project is going to make life better for animals, plants or the poor then we will stand by you.

Mission and Vision

To strive to create a planet where the environment is not only taken care of, but loved. We hope to create a world that allows all life forms not just to survive, but thrive. We want to nurture Mother Earth and allow her to be the best that she can be. After all, this is our WORLD… if we don’t take care of it, who will?
EFI in your City

EFI is active in Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Pondicherry, Kolkata and is soon branching to a city closer to you. We have our working projects in these cities and they are focused on delivering results and not simply desktop conservation.
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