Team EFI: Team EFI is not a one man story it is the joint effort a few amazing individuals who have given their time and efforts with no returns in expectation. At EFI Our Cause is the Hero, below are the names of the architects of a greener tomorrow. Join them today.

There are four councils in EFI:

1) Conservation Council: This is the team that manages conservation work at EFI.
Guiding Conservation: Mira Swaminathan, Manasa Bala, Vaidehi, Sreekar, Keerthana, Anirudh Raghuram, Akshara Prasad, Anirudh Kishore, Ravinaa, Swetha and Viswajit.

2) Communication Council: This is the team that manages internal and external communications of EFI.
Guiding Communication: Sharan Chandrasekhar, Vignesh Mahesh, Aravind Krishnan, Surya Vantaram, Shravan Suresh, Gowthami Ashok and Sivaranjani.

3) Management Council: This team manages volunteer force, event management and finances.
Guiding Management: Akshat Jain, Madhan Mohan, Amritaa Kumar, Sashank Chundi, Aashna Khanna, Prathyusha Samavedam.

4) Research Council: This team focuses on scientific development and research.
Guiding Research: Malini Hari, Arjun Arya, Kripa Raghushanker, Subha Nivedha, Srivathsan Vasudevan, Ravi Chander.

Founder: Arun Krishnamurthy

Mission and Vision

To strive to create a planet where the environment is not only taken care of, but loved. We hope to create a world that allows all life forms not just to survive, but thrive. We want to nurture Mother Earth and allow her to be the best that she can be. After all, this is our WORLD… if we don’t take care of it, who will?
EFI in your City

EFI is active in Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Pondicherry, Kolkata and is soon branching to a city closer to you. We have our working projects in these cities and they are focused on delivering results and not simply desktop conservation.
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